Biopolymers in vivo

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Umea University, Sweden, Subgroup Chair

Biopolymers in Vivo Subgroup 2013 Symposium
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10:00 AM Subroup Business Meeting

1:00 PM, Subgroup Symposium

1:00 PM, Lila Gierasch, University of Massachusetts
Opening Remarks

1:05 PM, Jacqueline Barton, California Institute of Technology (Keynote Speaker)
DNA-mediated Signaling

1:50 PM, Yousif Shamoo, Rice University
Small Changes in Enzyme Function can lead to Suprisingly Large in vivo Effects

2:20 PM, Patricia Clark, Notre Dame University
New Directions for Vectorial Protein Folding 

2:50 PM, Postdoc Talk: Robert Crawford, Oxford University
Studies of Internalized Proteins in Living Cells Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence 

3:10 PM, Postdoc Talk: Rudra Kafle, University of Michigan
In situ Structural Dynamics of Chromosomal DNA

3:30 PM, Coffee Break

4:00 PM, Stefan W. Hell, Max-Planck Insitute, Germany (Keynote Speaker)
Nanoscopy with Focused Light

4:45 PM, Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University 
Structures and Dynamics of the E. coli FTSZ-Ring and its Associated Proteins During Cell Division Revealed by Superresolution Imaging

5:15 PM, John A.G. Briggs, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany 
Solving Structure in situ using Cryo-Electron Tomography and Correlative Methods

5:45 PM, Gael McGill, Harvard Medical School & Digizyme Inc. 
Visualizing Molecular Environments Exploring Hollywood's Tools & Techniques

7:00 PM, Subgroup Dinner

All are welcome, advance registration required.


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