Meeting Overview

Membrane proteins occupy a central role in cellular physiology. Almost 50% of all proteins encoded by a eukaryotic genome are membrane proteins. As a result, ~50% of biological processes take place on membranes.

This meeting, which will take place in the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, India, will focus on contemporary issues in this area with special emphasis on lipid interactions of membrane proteins and possible implications in health and disease. Breakthroughs in membrane protein research has been rather slow in the past due to technical difficulties in crystallizing membrane proteins and lack of appropriate techniques to monitor lipid-protein interactions in situ in natural membranes. Tremendous advances in membrane protein crystallography in the last few years, coupled with powerful molecular dynamics and microscopic approaches, have started to change this scenario. It is against this backdrop that this thematic meeting is taking place.

Bringing together the minds of leading researchers across various areas of contemporary membrane research will provide novel information and insight into membrane processes. This may help to develop robust models for function and interaction of membrane proteins, while enhancing our ability to design better therapeutic strategies to combat diseases related to malfunctioning of membrane proteins and receptors.  

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This is a 2012 Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting.  For more information on Thematic Meetings, click here.


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