Meeting Overview

 Mechanobiology of Proteins and Cells
September 29 - October 3, 2013
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) 
Salisbury Cove, Maine, USA

This meeting, organized by the Biophysical Society and hosted by the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), will provide a forum for analysis of the mechanobiology of proteins and cellular structures by biophysicists, biochemists, structural biologists, and physiologists. 

Fluctuations in extracellular osmolality elicit transmembrane water and solute fluxes that profoundly perturb cell structure, cytoplasmic composition and cell function. Sensors, transducers and regulators ameliorate the consequences of those perturbations by modulating the accumulation and release of selected solutes, the (macro) molecular composition of the cytoplasm and the skeletal structures of the cell.

Mechanobiology is not only crucial for cell volume regulation but key to a wide range of physiological processes and involves sensing of forces such as osmotic pressure, membrane stretch, vibration, and touch - areas that are all included in the program. 

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This is a 2013 Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting.  For more information on Thematic Meetings, click here.


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