Advertising/Marketing Opportunities

The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting is the leading forum for investigators working at the interdisciplinary interface of the life, physical, and computational sciences.  Attracting over 7,000 participants from more than 45 countries, the Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to talk directly to influential scientists who are engaged in cutting edge research and using the latest technologies and tools in their work.

 Annual Meeting attendees include researchers in the following areas: 

•  Bioenergetics & Photobiology   •  Imaging & Optical MIcroscopy
•  Bioinformatics & Computational Biology   •  Lipid Bilayers & Membranes
•  Biomimetics & Biophysics for Alternative Energy   •  Proteins
•  Biophysical Methods   •  Micro and Nanotechnology
•  Biophysics of Neuroscience   •  Motility & Motors
•  Biotechnology & Bioengineering   •  Nucleic Acids
•  Cell Physiology & Biophysics   •  Single Molecule Biophysics
•  Channels   •  Spectroscopy
•  Complex Systems Analysis   •  Synthetic Biology
•  Computational Methods   •  Systems Biology

•  Fluorescence & Other Luminescence


The Society offers many unique advertising opportunities that directly support the Annual Meeting and/or the Biophysical Society’s general operations and member support. For additional information, contact Sales and Exhibits at or 240-290-5609.

 Advertising Opportunities



Annual Meeting Attendee Mailing List 

Available only to our 2014 Annual Meeting exhibitors only, the attendee mailing list gives the ability to invite attendees (mailing addresses only) to visit your booth and announce special meeting promotions and giveaways, etc. Purchase the pre-meeting attendee list to show attendees where you will be on the exhibit floor and what products and services you offer.

Pre-registered attendee list contract is available.
Post-meeting attendee list will be available February 22, 2014 until June 1, 2014. 

"Take One" Literature Table

Place your company’s literature on the Society’s “Take One Table” in the exhibit hall. Attendees will have the opportunity to take any literature off the table throughout the entire meeting. This is a great way to attract attendees to your booth or have an added presence in the Exhibit Hall. Also perfect for the company that cannot exhibit in San Francisco and still wants to reach attendees. We maintain the booth and replenish when necessary.


Biophysical Society Member Mailing List 

The Biophysical Society also makes its membership list available for rental. With over 9,000 members, this is the perfect tool for your direct mail campaign throughout the year. Breakdown of the list includes Regular, Early Career, Student, Emeritus, and/or US, Canada and International members only.

For additional information, contact Sales and Exhibits at



  Annual Meeting Program 

Increase your impact by advertising in the Annual Meeting Program. Attendees will refer to the Program during the meeting and long after the meeting. Attendees are more likely to visit an exhibitor based on an ad they see in the program. The over 7,000 attendees will each receive a program.

The deadline to advertise in the Program is December 6, 2013


Exhibitor Presentations

Available exclusively to 2014 Annual Meeting Exhibitors, an Exhibitor Presentation offers an excellent opportunity to display and demonstrate your products in a more personalized setting.  You will have use of one of the meeting rooms for 90 minutes, and will be provided with and LCD projector, easel, lectern, microphone, small table, and standard electric.  Additional equipment, and catering services may be ordered separately.


 Biophysical Society Newsletter

Mailed to over 9,300 leading scientists across the globe, the Biophysical Society’s Newsletter is an excellent vehicle for your advertisement. The monthly newsletter features articles on Society affairs, announcements, member profiles, committee and subgroup news, award nominations, a meeting calendar, and membership information. Book space now in the pre-meeting issues and save advertising dollars by not having to create your own direct mail piece!


Online Product Guide

The Biophysical Society's Online Product Guide is a comprehensive buyer's resource providing any web user with a live and fully searchable list of suppliers and products 24/7.  New products are continually added to the Product Guide. Your listing includes a description of your company, contact information, and up to ten product categories.  Listings are active for one full year, from date of purchase.



For personal assistance on exhibits or sponsorships, contact Sales and Exhibits at 240-290-5609 or


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